Commercial Pressure Washing Services in Bradenton, Florida

Salty Seas Pressure Washing is one of Bradenton’s top choices for commercial pressure washing services. We fully service all of the Bradenton area, as well as Sarasota, and St. Pete.

Do not let a build of dirt, grease, grime, and gum hurt your business! We can bring any commercial property back to life. Contact us today so we can help your business look its best!

Commercial Building Pressure Washing

Whether you own a storefront, warehouse, or hotel, our commercial pressure washing services will fit all your needs. We use commercial grade equipment and quality cleaners to remove the hardest of stains. By using our low-pressure cleaning technique, we can clean most buildings without pressure! This style of cleaning allows us to efficiently and safely clean any building at an affordable cost.

Hiring a professional power washing company can help protect your investment and provide a higher level of service to your customer. We offer regular maintenance packages to make sure your property is always looking pristine.

Commercial Pressure Washing Bradenton

Routine Restaurant Cleaning

Restaurants receive a high volume of foot traffic on a regular basis. Unfortunately, foot traffic is notorious for spreading grease and grime around a restaurant. Many times these grease stains will build up in doorways and dumpster pads. A buildup of grease and grime is not only unappealing but also very dangerous.

This best way to remove these unsightly stains is by hiring a commercial power washing company that offers hot water pressure washing. By using hot water and the proper cleaners, we can almost completely remove the grease and grime. Having a routine pressure wash service will keep your restaurant looking great year-round and keep away safety hazards. More importantly, it will keep your customers happy!

HOA Cleaning Specialist 

Every local community should want their neighborhood to look great! Keeping each aspect of a neighborhood clean is essential for the safety of every resident. Whether it is the community pool, sidewalks, curbing, or entry signs, we have you covered.

Our HOA pressure washing services will make sure your neighborhood looks great. We possess the proper equipment and team members to take on large tasks and handle them promptly. Currently, we service properties in Manatee and Sarasota County.

HOA Power Washing Bradenton

Apartment Power Washing Experts

Providing a clean and welcoming home for apartment residents is crucial to the success of the complex. Dirty stairs, community pool, sidewalks, and clubhouse can be a huge turn off to potential residents.

Salty Seas Pressure Washing provides apartment complex pressure washing to help keep your residents happy. With our commercial grade equipment, we can clean the exterior of buildings with no pressure. Low-pressure cleaning eliminates the possibility of damage to the surface of the building.

Our company has experience in power washing apartments and working with property management companies. We will work closely with management to make sure all residents are taken care of during the cleaning process.



If you are looking to have your local commercial property cleaned, then contact us today for a free quote!